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Aloha! My name is Denae. We are called Ohana Australian Labradoodles because above all else, Ohana always comes first. “Ohana” is Hawaiian for family, the center and priority of my life. In my Ohana, my husband and I have 4 children and several darling 4-legged members. Our tribe is always growing!
My passion for the Australian Labradoodle breed started many moons before I owned one. After 15 years of breeding toy sized companion and show dogs, I knew I wanted to transition my career towards medium sized dogs that I could offer for therapy, service training and bring into my own home to raise alongside my children. Most importantly, my heart wanted to take my knowledge and use it to serve those in need. I researched for years and spent countless hours online. I’m sure my husband was so thankful when I finally found the “one” that ended my search!

Besides the years of research, it was pretty much love at first sight with the Australian Labradoodle. Everyone’s eyes are drawn to a specific “look”. Mine can’t get enough of big eyes, beautiful locks and a puppy dog face. Working in the canine industry for almost 20 years taught me that a dog is much more than a cute face or beautiful coat though. The more I researched the Australian Labradoodle, the more excited I became! There was substance behind the pretty face. I found that there are lots of good dog breeds out there, but an EXCEPTIONAL breed, combines good looks, striking confirmation, health and temperament. The Australian Labradoodle has the total package.

I am confident that whether you are looking for a pet, companion, therapy, or service dog, our Ohana Australian Labradoodles will fit well with your lifestyle. All puppies are born in our home and they spend every day under our roof with us till we place them in your hands. I understand that shopping for a well bred puppy over the Internet may be scary. Please understand that it is also scary for me to trust someone with one of my babes. This is why I would love to get to know you and allow you the opportunity to know me as a breeder. It is my hope that once you get your new family member, that we’ll be able to stay in touch afterwards. These babes will forever be a part of our Ohana and we hope to include you too! -Mahalo

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