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Aloha! My name is Denae Gunter. We are called Ohana Australian Labradoodles because above all else, Ohana always comes first. “Ohana” is Hawaiian for family, the center and priority of my life. In my Ohana, my husband and I have 4 children and 4-legged members, and our tribe is always growing! Read more…
My passion for the Australian Labradoodle breed started many moons before I owned one. After 15 years of breeding companion and show dogs, I knew I wanted to transition my career towards medium to large breed dogs that I could offer for therapy, service training and bring into my own home to raise alongside my children. Most importantly, my heart wanted to take my knowledge and use it to serve those in need. I researched for years and spent countless hours online. I’m sure my husband was so thankful when I finally found the “one” that ended my search!

Besides the years of research, it was pretty much love at first sight with the Australian Labradoodle. Everyone’s eyes are drawn to a specific “look”. Mine can’t get enough of big eyes, beautiful locks and a puppy dog face. Working in the canine industry for almost 20 years taught me that a dog is much more than a cute face or beautiful coat though. But, the more I researched the Australian Labradoodle, the more excited I became! There was substance behind the pretty face. I found that there are lots of good dog breeds out there, but an EXCEPTIONAL breed, combines good looks, striking confirmation, health and temperament. The Australian Labradoodle had the total package.

I then reached out to countless breeders across the US and decided to purchase my first Australian Labradoodle from one of the most well known breeders on the West Coast, Elizabeth Ferris at Country Labradoodles. I was looking for someone that understood my passion to better the breed and had a history of producing service quality dogs. I had prided myself on being a reputable and knowledgable breeder, so I also had a goal to find someone who knew more than I did so I could continue to learn. Elizabeth fit the bill exactly! She knew the breed inside out and her heart for serving those in need continues to amaze me. I will always be thankful for her mentoring hand. She knew my heart and experience and allowed me to be a part of the development and preservation of the Australian Labradoodle breed. Elizabeth placed a gorgeous breeding female with me and I immediately started my check off list, just as she did when she started her breeding program.

First on my list was health. My new breeding female was genetically clear by parentage from tested ancestors and all her individual health testing came back well and clear. Next was to see how well she would train and adapt to new environments. Would she not only be right for my family, but how would she react to special needs individuals, infants, seniors? Would she be truly hypoallergenic, non-shedding, and would her coat be manageable with routine care? With ease, I checked off every single thing that was important to me before deciding to breed. In my eyes, she was the PERFECT dog and this was indeed the PERFECT breed! She was the healthy, sound, people-pleasing, trainable dog that I’ve searched my whole life for and exactly what other Australian Labradoodle breeders described. As I add dogs to my breeding program, I continue to do the same checklist. I’ve been blessed with every one of their results too.

I am confident that whether you are looking for a pet, companion, therapy, or service dog, our Ohana Australian Labradoodles will fit well with your lifestyle. All of our puppies are born in our home and they spend every day under our roof with us till we place them in your hands. I understand that shopping for a well bred puppy over the Internet may be scary. Please understand that it is also scary for me to trust someone with one of my babes. This is why I would love to get to know you and allow you the opportunity to know me as a breeder. It is my hope that once you get your new family member, that we’ll be able to stay in touch afterwards. These babes will forever be apart of our Ohana and we hope to include you too! -Mahalo