In order to give our dogs the best possible life, we need to limit how many dogs we keep in our house. We are a home-based breeding program and we have no desire to kennel our dogs. But, being a progressive breeder means it’s necessary for us to keep back exceptional pups to add to our next generation and introduce new bloodlines with quality attributes. This is where the concept of the Ohana Guardian Home Program, which we refer to as OGHP comes in.

With the OGHP, we can expand our breeding program as we allow families and individuals that live within an hour of Sacramento County to have our “pick of the litter” puppy for a nominal adoption fee. These pups will grow to be some of our future sires and dams. We will carefully place these pups with well screened families that we feel will be able to look after their health and happiness. Also, these OGHP puppies will typically have shorter breeding careers. At Ohana Australian Labradoodles, we are separating ourselves from the thousands of unethical breeders in the US. With the OGHP, one house will never have more dogs than can be loved and cared for and we will always be able to provide a clean and loving birthing environment. We believe that everyone of our adult breeding dogs deserves to be as happy as the puppies we place. The OGHP gives everyone in our breeding program the opportunity to be an active part of a family and NOT live the sad life of a “kenneled breeder”. We will retain the breeding rights, but the puppy will be part of the guardian home’s family FOREVER.


  • Live within a reasonable distance of Sacramento County.
  • Expect to purchase their puppy at a significantly reduced price.
  • Sires and dams must remain intact and available to breed.
  • Everyday expenses, food, grooming, and regular veterinary care is the responsibility of the OGHP parent.
  • Ohana Australian Labradoodles will pay for health certificates, testing, and breeding related veterinary expenses.
  • No other intact dogs may live on the property. No exceptions.
  • Must be able to enroll the puppy in basic training or hire a private trainer.
  • Provide the dog with regular grooming and feed the kibble of my choice.
  • Females will be with us for approximately 7 weeks after giving birth and then will be returned to you.
  • With males, you must be willing to work with us to coordinate breedings. We may ask that you take the dog to a local Vet for collection. The male will never need to be gone from your home for more than a few days at a time, if any.
  • We will retain sole breeding rights to the dog.
  • Each OGHP dog will only be bred as long as their health allows.
  • Litter “compensation” may be offered in a later conversation.
  • When done, all expenses will be paid for spay or neuter.

Please email or call me if you’d like more information or are interested in the OGHP. -Mahalo!

It’s been a long time since I purchased “Itsy” from you. I thought you might enjoy reading about the fame she’s brought to our office.
I work for the Better Business Bureau in Spokane, WA. We’ve had quite the response to an article my CEO/President wrote about Itsy in a local newspaper. Click on the link to see the full story. I’ve attached a PDF of the article and a few pictures of Itsy so you can see what she looks like. She’ll be a year old on July 24th this year.
I’ve had so many inquiries about her breed and where I got her; I’ve directed them all to your website, I hope that’s okay. She and the story have gotten recognition across the US, including countless voicemails, emails, and even fan mail.
It’s been quite the unexpected phenomenon! She really is the treasure in my life and I can’t thank you enough for the smiles she brings to everyone around her. Hope you enjoy the article and pics!
Thank you,
Eleanor (Elea) Sprinkle
Vice President

Eleanor (Elea) Sprinkler

Vice President

Hi Denae!

We just wanted to send you a copy of Kalea’s spay certificate from her vet, along with a few photos to share with you and your family. She’s fully recovered from the surgery and is a solid 27 pounds of joy and happiness. Thank you for allowing us to bring her into our lives. She continuous to show us, her grandparents, and everyone who meets her nothing but love and laughter. She also definitely keeps us on our toes, constantly impresses us with how smart she is, and has shown a definite love for anything involving water!

Marc & Jonelle

Hi Denae,

We are loving Mason! He is so smart and seems to exhibit empathy… really exceptional. He loves to run on the beach!

Thanks again,
The Robles Family