Are you ready to add an Australian Labradoodle puppy to your household? In order to be considered for one of our pups
we ask that you complete our “Adoption Application.” Please provide us with your complete information so we can assist you in choosing the right pup for you.

About Us

Aloha! My name is Denae Gunter. We are called Ohana Australian Labradoodles because above all else, Ohana always comes first. “Ohana” is Hawaiian for family, the center and priority of my life. In my Ohana, my husband and I have 4 children and 4-legged members, and our tribe is always growing. [Read more…]

About The Breed

The Australian Labradoodle Club of America was formed in 2005 as a non-profit organization serving the breeders, owners and enthusiasts of the original Australian Labradoodle. As such, ALCA Certifies only the Original Australian Labradoodle, allowing only one Poodle infusion within three generations and does not allow[Read more…]

Available Puppies

ALL OF OUR PUPPIES ARE RAISED IN OUR HOME. When our puppies are whelped they are handled, socialized and loved until they go home at 8 weeks. We want to place each puppy into a home where they will receive constant mental stimulation, structure, love and companionship. We are always here for support and to answer any questions you may have. [Read more…]

Purchasing Information

We stand behind our dogs and want you to be happy with your new puppy.
We guarantee our puppies for genetic illness for up to two years of age. All of our breeding stock has been extensively health tested including: Penn Hip and/or OFA testing (for hip/elbow dysplasia) Eyes (CERF) exams, Cardiac, Patellas, PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) [Read more…]

Guardian Home Program

In order to give our dogs the best possible life, we need to limit how many dogs we keep in our house. We are a home-based breeding program and we have no desire to kennel our dogs. But, being a progressive breeder means it’s necessary for us to keep back exceptional pups to add to our next generation and introduce new bloodlines with quality attributes. This is where [Read more…]

Letters Home

It’s been a long time since I purchased “Itsy” from you. I thought you might enjoy reading about the fame she’s brought to our office.
I work for the Better Business Bureau in Spokane, WA. We’ve had quite the response to an article my CEO/President wrote about Itsy in a local newspaper. [Read more…]